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Screen Mesh

Precision-Engineered for Durability in East Africa's Toughest Conditions

Ironwire Screens are manufactured using advanced technology, ensuring they meet the highest standards globally. These screens are made from specially treated steel wires conforming to AISI 1055/60/65, designed to endure the demanding work environments in the East Africa. The high-tensile carbon steel wires are pre-crimped in both warp and weft to achieve precise dimensional accuracy. The weaving process interlaces these wires to create apertures that allow classified material to pass through effectively.

Ironwire screens are produced with the latest electronically-controlled, fully-automatic machinery at our factory in Kenya’s industrial hub. These screens are used in high-speed vibrating screens, capable of withstanding the rigorous fatigue produced by screen surfaces, making them ideal for use in quarries, sand, and gravel pits.

Square Mesh

known for its long lifespan. Its wire formation helps in screening and producing uniformly shaped materials, and it reduces the risk of clogging. This mesh is made from carefully selected raw materials using advanced technology, making it durable and strong. It has a smooth surface with uniform holes and burr-free edges, giving it a glossy finish.

Woven Wire Mesh is widely used in the mining and aggregate industries for primary sieving and sorting. It is typically made from carbon steel or stainless steel and comes in various geometries and weaving styles. These screens are known for their high mechanical strength, precise screening capabilities, and large carrying capacities. They can withstand high levels of abrasion, tension, and impact.

Available options include:

Advantages of Woven Wire Mesh:

Mining screens, also called vibrating screens, quarry screens, or crusher screens, are essential parts of screening machines in the mining industry. They separate particles into different sizes and are used in various applications like sizing, grading, scalping, dewatering, wet screening, and washing. Mining screens have many uniform openings that either allow particles to pass through or retain them based on size. The efficiency of screening depends on how well the material is separated into size fractions. Our products are customizable to fit most applications, including specific capacity needs. We use high-strength stainless steel to ensure high resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and clogging, even in harsh conditions.

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