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Streamlined Procurement Services for Cost-Effective and Efficient Project Success

Procurement services aim to reduce time and cost expenditures crucial for a project’s success. The process begins with planning the project and identifying the tasks to be contracted out. Planning for purchases and acquisitions is essential. Our general procurement services include supplying general construction equipment. We prioritize creating value for money, promoting open and effective competition, maintaining ethics and fair dealing, ensuring accountability, providing thorough reporting, and upholding equity.


Infrastructure Road Projects

We offer customized road haulage services, transporting construction equipment and materials in large trucks from the port of Mombasa to locations throughout the African region. Our transportation portfolio includes;

Engineering Consultancy / Oil and Gas Industry

Our engineering consultancy specializes in providing expert services to the oil and gas industry. We offer comprehensive solutions designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability in various oil and gas operations.

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